New Guide Released: Sharing Survey Data

The UK Data Service has released a new guide Depositing Shareable Survey Data

This 16-page handbook, developed by a specialist team at the UK Data Service with extensive input from UK government departments, academic survey owners and survey producers, will take you through the full data journey, from fieldwork planning to eventual user access. While the guide is specifically developed to support new depositors of large-scale surveys, the principles apply to a wide range of significant data deposits.


DataONE Scientists Survey

Invitation to Participate in a DataONE Scientists Survey

The DataONE project is inviting participation in a study on how scientists currently create, preserve, manage, and share their data as well as how they are involved in education concerning these topics. Please contact Carol Tenopir ( with any questions.

Click the link below to open the survey or cut and paste it into your browser.

Data Sharing & Results Reporting in Library Research

Practicing what we preach: Data sharing & results reporting in library research, Blog post by Kevin Reed

In his latest blog post, Kevin Read offers a brief literature review of library studies focusing on surveys of researchers’ data management and sharing behavior.

Recently I’ve been working on a survey of studies that focus on how libraries are reaching out to their institutions’ faculty and researchers about how they produce, share and store their data. Where I’m currently working we are trying to implement the same time type of research, but wanted to see what other libraries have done before launching into a project. I was even optimistic that some of the research I turned up might even give me the answers to our questions:

  • What type of data are biomedical researchers creating in a variety of disciplines?
  • Where do they stand in terms of sharing data?
  • How are they currently storing their data?

While I was pleased to find a number of articles that were excellent and exactly the type of research I was looking for (see the end of the post), I was ultimately disappointed in the content that I found. Let me explain the good first however, before I start with the bad.

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How Much Academic Libraries Contribute to Overall University Spending on Data Curation?

Academic Libraries Contribute Nearly 28% of Overall University Spending on Data Curation for Major Scholarly Projects

Primary Research Group has published The International Survey of Academic Library Data Curation Practices, ISBN 978-1-57440-245-2. The study looks at how major universities are assisting faculty in developing data curation and management plans for large scale data projects, largely in the sciences and social sciences, often as pre-conditions for major grants.

30 major universities participated in the survey including: Case Western Reserve University, Indiana University-Purdue, the London School of Economics, Monash University, Rutgers University, Stockholm University, Trinity University, Tulane University, the University of Arizona, the University of Minnesota, the University of Victoria, and the University of Virginia, among many others.

The report looks at which departments of universities are shouldering the data curation burden, the personnel involved in the efforts, the costs involved, types of software used, difficulties in procuring scientific experiment logs and other hard to obtain information, types of training offered to faculty, and other issues in large scale data management.

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