Call for Proposals for Digital Preservation 2014

The deadline for Digital Preservation 2014 proposal submissions is quickly approaching. Digital Preservation 2014 will be held July 22-24 in the Washington, DC area. The annual summer meeting brings together the broad, diverse digital preservation and stewardship community to share achievements in the areas of technical infrastructure, innovation, content collection, standardization, and outreach and education efforts.

They are looking for your ideas, accomplishments, and project updates that highlight, contribute to, and advance the community dialog. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Scientific data and other content at risk of obsolescence, and what methods, techniques, and tools are being deployed to mitigate risk
  • Innovative methods of digital preservation, especially regarding sustainable practices, community approaches, and software solutions
  • Collaboration successes and lessons learned highlighting a wide-range of digital preservation activities, such as best practices, open source solutions, project management techniques, and emerging tools
  • Practical examples of research and scholarly use of stewarded data or content
  • Educational trends for emerging and practicing professionals

IDCC14 Preview

IDCC14 Preview: Paul Lewis, Washington DC correspondent

The 9th International Digital Curation Conference is quickly approaching. The theme of this year’s conference is how data-driven developments are changing the world around us. Paul Lewis answers the question of “What scientific breakthroughs, technical advances or potential new opportunities excite you the most?”

Technology has transformed the way journalism is produced and consumed. I’ve been fortunate to start working in the profession in the midst of this transformation, and I’ve found it all exciting. I suppose what really excites me is the possibility of collective action: journalists as a fulcrum, working in a symbiotic relationship with an audience that now has access to source materials, and tools, to help tell stories.

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Research Data Access and Preservation Summit 2014

Research Data Access and Preservation Summit 2014 (RDAP14): The Program Now Available

The Research Data Access and Preservation Summit 2014, March 26-28, San Diego, will feature three days of programming with an emphasis on practical approaches to research data management, access, and preservation, including success stories (and lessons learned), innovative research, and resources and tools developed by and for the community. The program will include invited panels and presentations, an interactive poster session, lightning talks, and a hands-on workshop. This year there is an open call for two panel presentation sessions in addition to curated panels, interactive poster sessions and a round of lightning talks. There are also two half-day workshops on Friday, March 28th.

  • Building Capabilities for Sustainable Research Data Management Practices
  • Learning to Teach, Teach for Learning: Instructional Practices for Data Services

Keynote speakers are:

  • MacKenzie Smith, University Librarian, University of California, Davis
  • Maryann Martone, Neuroscience Information Framework

You can find the program at:

Research Data Alliance (RDA) Third Plenary Meeting

RDA Meeting: The Data Sharing Community, Dublin, Ireland, 26 to 28 March 2014

We’ve posted several announcements about the various activities about RDA at Data Forwards. Below is the latest information about a forthcoming RDA meeting in Dublin, Ireland in March.

Data is the very foundation of research, and each year the quantity and velocity of data produced increases. Sharing of research data has the potential to revolutionise the way research is conducted, accelerating discovery and improving society; but sharing research data globally is challenging.

The RDA (Research Data Alliance) is now one year old. It is a global, grass-roots organisation dedicated to developing the tools, infrastructure, services, standards and practices that the research community needs to share and exchange its data treasures.

The third RDA plenary meeting is focused on taking the global partnerships built in the data sharing community through the RDA’s activities to date, combining these with existing infrastructure and best practices across the data sharing community, and enabling the community to drive forward the changes needed for global data exchange. This plenary meeting is about exploiting RDA’s work to date to its full potential.

More information about this meeting is available at:

International Digital Curation Conference, San Francisco 24-27 February 2014

IDCC14, SF 24-27 Feb: “Commodity, catalyst or change-agent? Data-driven transformations in research, education, business & society,” Draft Program and Registration Open

See more about IDCC 2014 at:

The draft program is now available. A workshop program will be published in November. The Call for Papers will close on Monday 28 October.

You can register now for IDCC14.

Call for Papers for 40th Anniversary IASSIST Conference

Aligning Data and Research Infrastructure: IASSIST 2014 Annual Conference Call for Paper and Session Proposals

The international research community is in the midst of building a global data ecosystem that consists of a mixture of domain data repositories, data archives, data libraries, and data services and that seeks ways to facilitate data discovery, integration, access, and preservation. Evidence of this transformation is found in the recently established ICSU World Data System and in the Research Data Alliance. Like IASSIST, these organizations are contributing to the development of a global data ecosystem. Alignment, or unification of strategies, must take place at many levels to achieve this. How do we proceed? What advancements are needed in research data management, research infrastructure, and the development of new expertise?

IASSIST welcomes submissions on the topics described above and encourage conference participants to propose papers and sessions that will be an interest to a diverse audience. To facilitate the formation and scheduling of sessions, three tracks are being offered:

  • Managing research data
  • Providing data services, and
  • Developing data infrastructure tools.

Deadline for submission: 9 December 2013.

More information about the conference and proposal is available here:

University of Michigan LSA IT Hosts Connections Conference

University of Michigan LSA IT hosts Connections Conference, October 14, 2013

In an effort to improve knowledge about what technology resources are available in support of research within the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan, the Connections Conference was created. Building on previous years’ conferences, this year’s conference will include sessions on a variety of topics related to IT research computing resources for faculty and students. There is no cost for participation.

Some sessions focus on data, including:

  • Data Distribution Service Providers
  • Data, Digitization, and Preservation
  • Computation: Visualization

The sessions will take place in the Michigan Union and will also be streamed live for those that can’t attend in-person. Click through for more information, the complete agenda, or to register.