Resource Center for Minority Data (RCMD)’s Recorded Webinar Available

Webinar: RCMD Today – Health data, political data, and so much more!

This webinar introduces or re-introduces users to the Resource Center for Minority Data (RCMD).

RCMD is an initiative of ICPSR. The changing demographic composition has expanded the scope of the U.S. racial and ethnic mosaic. As a result, interest and research on race and ethnicity has become more complex and expansive. Initially, ICPSR tapped its archives to assemble existing data files that focused upon communities of color. Since the late 1990’s, there has been a marked increase in studies and projects on more minorities communities and exploring a wider range of experiences and relationships.

RCMD seeks to assist in the public dissemination and preservation of quality data to generate more “good science” for years to come. Finally, RCMD wants to be part of an interactive community of persons interested and be involved in minority related issues/investigations in order to make possible the broadest scope of research endeavors and examinations.

DuraSpace Digest, May 2013

May issue of DuraSpace Digest (Vol. 5, Issue 5, May 2013)

The DuraSpace Digest highlights recent events, releases, and opportunities of interest to the DuraSpace community.

Should Data Science Become a Profession?

This link takes you to a graph which shows why Data Science should become a profession. The graph is posted on the Data Science Central (DSC) website which is an resource for big data practitioners.

UCF Research Lifecycle Image

The image linked to from here shows the research lifecycle as represented by the University of Central Florida Libraries.

School of – Learn Data Skills!

Online resource where you can learn basic data skills. It’s provided as a collaboration between the Open Knowledge Foundation and a number of other great organizations. Feel free to contact Emily Puckett Rodgers will more questions.

LibGuide Page on Data Academic Integrity

This is a link to an Academic Integrity Libguide created by the University of Vermont Libraries. This specific page is about academic integrity as it relates to data and avoiding the fabrication of data: Data Courses

Coursera is an online learning environment where learners can take classes for free. A number of data-related courses are offered at any given time. Go to and do a search for ‘data’ and you’ll get a list of relevant classes. Some of these classes include:

* Maps and the Geospatial Revoluation

* Computing for Data Analysis

* Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information