‘Data in Brief’ Articles Make Reproducibility a Reality

The first volume of an open access journal Genomics Data, data journal by Elsevier, was published in December 2013. Paige Shaklee recently wrote an ElsevierConnect article summarizing the context and goal of this new data journal that helps researchers make the most of their data. Dr. Shaklee says in her article, “(a)lthough this precious genomic data is uploaded into public repositories, sadly, few people dare to touch the data because it is too complicated to understand. Data files are often mislabeled, data may be raw or analyzed and analysis from dataset to dataset is highly variable, experimental subtleties are not mentioned, and software code used to filter through data is not available. The lack of reproducibility has far-reaching consequences.” And she continues, “(n)ow, these kinds of accompanying details must be documented in a Specifications table at the top of each Data in Brief. The journal’s Editorial Board also checks that any related software or programming code is submitted alongside the Data in Brief.”