The Power of Data Sharing | ANDS Newsletter

The latest newsletter (July 2014, issue 19) published by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) covers a variety of topics including data storage, data sharing, particularly sharing sensitive data, etc. What follows a series of short articles is a list of forthcoming events (webinars) that you may also find useful. The speaker of the next webinar on July 3, 2014 is Dr Virginia Barbour who will present on “PLOS: open data, ORCIDs and Article Level Metrics”

You can find more details in the ANDS newsletter:



Best Practice Guidelines for Researchers: Managing Research Data and Primary Materials | Griffith University

Best Practice Guidelines for Researchers and Research Data Management Roadmap published by Griffith University, Australia

Sam Searle, eResearch Senior Specialist, Griffith University, has announced the release of a couple of consultation reports. Both documents are available under a CC-BY unported licence.

Data Citation: Data, Journals and Academic Publishers

Data Citation: Data, Journals and Academic Publishers (Recorded Webinar on YouTube) by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

The webinar (~60minutes) can be seen and heard here.