Another New Home and Service for Qualitative Data

Previously, we’ve posted a pointer to the news about the launch of a new home for social science qualitative data called QDR. Today, UK Data Services introduced QualiBank.

This is the UK Data Service’s search and browse interface for qualitative data objects allowing searching of the content of text files, such as interviews, essays, open ended questions and reports. It also allows searching of metadata attached to these objects, such as a description of an image or of an audio recording, and it enables hyperlinking to related objects. A citation can be made for a whole object or interview extracts.

At present it is still in a beta version, but it contains only 5 collections that are completely open and these cover in depth interviews, some with politicians, children’s essays about ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ and WWII morale amongst the British troops and the population. Another ten or so collections which will sit behind authentication are to follow.



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