Principle Guidelines for Data at Risk

Building Support for ‘Principle Guidelines’ for Data at Risk by CODATA

In her recent blog post, Elizabeth Griffin, co-chair of the CODATA Data at Risk Task Group, talks about goals and progress of the CODATA Data at Risk Task Group. “Data at risk” is defined as scientific data which are not in a format that permits full electronic access to the information which they contain. Such data may be inherently non-digital (e.g. handwritten or photographic), on near-obsolete digital media (such as magnetic tapes) or insufficiently described (lacking meta-data). Some born-digital data can also be considered “at risk” if they cannot be ingested into managed databases because they lack adequate formatting or metadata. The goal of this project is to create an inventory of data that are at risk, and whose unique scientific information is in danger of being lost to posterity. In her post, she says: 

The overall objective is to facilitate the conversion of the scientific content of those historic data to electronic formats for inclusion in modern research, where their special contributions can be utilised to the full; the matter is especially critical when long-term changes need to be measured accurately. An important step towards those goals is to raise both public and specific scientific awareness of the seriousness of neglecting historic data, and to illustrate the benefits through examples of successful data recovery.

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