The Role of Data Reuse in the Apprenticeship Process

The Role of Data Reuse in the Apprenticeship Process

A new paper, written by Adam Kriesberg, Rebecca D. Frank, Ixchel M. Faniel and Elizabeth Yakel, “The Role of Data Reuse in the Apprenticeship Process” describes how data reuse provides a pathway to internalizing disciplinary norms and methods of inquiry for novice quantitative social scientists, archaeologists and zoologists on their way to becoming members of their respective disciplinary communities.


The availability of research data through digital repositories has made data reuse a possibility in a growing number of fields. This paper reports on the results of interviews with 27 zoologists, 43 quantitative social scientists and 22 archaeologists. It examines how data reuse contributes to the apprenticeship process and aids students in becoming full members of scholarly disciplines. Specifically, it investigates how data reuse contributes to the processes by which novice researchers join academic communities of practice.

The paper will be published in the forthcoming ASIS&T 2013 Annual Meeting Proceedings. A preprint [pdf] is currently available online at:


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