Report: Data Access Policies Landscape

Data Access Policies Landscape, report written by Dr. Stephanie Wykstra

For anyone working with data and data policies, this is an excellent report prepared by Dr. Stephanie Wykstra.

New technology makes sharing research outputs– not just publications but also raw data, code, software, even lab notebooks – easier than ever before. The benefits from more open science are widely acknowledged. Yet there is still room for improvement: recent studies show that at least in some fields, sharing isn’t yet widespread. There are also a number of questions that remain: what should be shared, how and who should cover the costs? Even where it’s clear that research transparency should become the norm, answering these questions across diverse domains is challenging and will require much work and cooperation.

This landscape has several aims. First, to help inform funders. Funders play an important role in the shift to data-sharing and research transparency more broadly, and we hope that informing them about the policy landscape and available options may be useful. Here we present a range of funder policies, including their basic components, variation among them, and some considerations in favor of the different options. Second, we pull together resources for funders (and researchers that they fund and advise) as they face questions about data access. Third, we briefly survey some initiatives in the “research transparency” field more broadly, with the aim of facilitating collaboration.

To continue reading this report, you can download a full report from Figshare


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