What is ORCID and why is it important? | JISC

Blog Post by JISC: What is ORCID and why is it important?

If you are a librarian at the University of Michigan Library, recently you have been given an ORCID ID.  As part of Research and Data Initiatives of the Library, the ORCID Task Force has been implementing ORCID IDs on campus, first to the library community, then to the entire University community. During this process, one would ask a question of what ORCID is and why it is important. The recent blog post below written by Verena Weigert at JISC will help you answer the question. 

Launched one year ago, ORCID provides unique persistent identifiers for the benefit of both individual researchers and their institutions. If you’ve published in Nature recently, you’ll have been asked for an ORCID iD. Last October, ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor iD) launched its global, free-to-use registry to provide researchers with unique persistent identifiers (ORCID iDs). It has the potential to make a huge difference to a researcher’s ability to gain full credit for their work and is a useful tool for universities as they track, evaluate and report research work. The good news is that over 300,000 researchers across the globe have already signed up.  Continue reading…


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