Three New Studies from EC: “Open Access to Research Publications Reaching ‘Tipping Point’”

Three New Studies Released from EC, including: Open Data Access Policies and Strategies in the European Research Area and Beyond

According to the European Commission Press Release, 

The study was undertaken by Science-Metrix, a research evaluation consultancy. The study included the 28 EU Member States, as well as Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Israel, Brazil, Canada, Japan and United States of America. Two other reports by the same group were also released today, examining open access policies and the issue of open access to data.

The study looked at the availability of scholarly publications in 22 fields of knowledge in the European Research Area, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and the United States. In several countries and disciplines more than 50% of papers are now available for free. Free availability of the majority of articles has been reached in the fields of general science and technology, biomedical research, biology and mathematics and statistics. The fields where open access availability is most limited are the social sciences and humanities and applied sciences, engineering and technology.

A recent European Commission Communication (IP/12/790) identified open access as a core means to improve knowledge circulation and thus innovation in Europe. Therefore, open access will be mandatory for all scientific publications produced with funding from Horizon 2020, the EU’s Research & Innovation funding programme for 2014-2020. The Communication recommended that Member States take a similar approach to the Commission in their domestic programmes.

You can read more about this study here:

Direct to Three Studies (Full Text)

  1. Proportion of Open Access Peer-Reviewed Papers at the European and World Levels—2004-2011 (31 pages; PDF)
  2. Open Access Strategies in the European Research Area (54 pages; PDF)
  3. Open Data Access Policies and Strategies in the European Research Area and Beyond (22 pages; PDF)

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