Are You Interested in Saving Scientific Data? | CODATA

What is the Data-at-Risk Inventory?

The Data-at-Risk Inventory (DARI) is an ongoing project of the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) Data at Risk Task Group (DARTG), in partnership with the University of North Carolina’s Metadata Research Center at their iSchool, to create a catalog of scientific data that are at risk of being lost. DARI is a descriptive inventory of endangered data that are held by others, and an inventory of data rescue projects; it is not a repository for data. DARI is an implementation of DARTG’s recognition that long-term observational scientific research depends on historical records.

DARI is looking for librarians, archivists, information custodians, data managers, scientists, researchers, and others who know of scientific data that could be at-risk, and are willing to contribute a description of that data to the inventory. They have also begun to document data rescue projects, and they are seeking descriptions of any known effort to preserve or rescue at-risk data.

To contribute to the inventory:


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