Social Good Data: Grant Opportunity

The Grand Challenges in Global Health is providing a grant opportunity for researchers who are interested in increasing the interoperability of social good data.
According to the website:
Through this challenge, we’re looking for game-changing ideas we might never imagine on our own and that could revolutionize the field. We are looking for ideas that might provide new and innovative ways to address the following:
  • Improving the availability and use of program impact data by bringing together data from multiple organizations;

  • Enabling combinations of data through application programming interface (APIs), taxonomy crosswalks, classification systems, middleware, natural language processing, and/or data sharing agreements;

  • Reducing inefficiency for users entering similar information into multiple systems through common web forms, profiles, apps, interfaces, etc.;

  • Creating new value for users trying to pull data from multiple sources;

  • Providing new ways to access and understand more than one data set, for example, through new data visualizations, including mashing up government and other data;

  • Identifying needs and barriers by experimenting with increased interoperability of multiple data sets;

  • Providing ways for people to access information that isn’t normally accessible and combing that information with open data sets.

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